Hunt for Mint portal offers an opportunity for aspiring artistes to showcase their portfolio and explore opportunities in the world of glamour. The platform has a largest database of artiste profiles to shortlist and contact for various opportunities in the field of filmmaking like singing, music, dancing, modelling and acting etc.,

Why Us?

Hunt for Mint is the largest platform for aspiring and experienced artistes from across all genres of art making it easier to find opportunities; as well as one-stop portal for filmmakers to choose artistes for auditions and screen tests


With a largest directory of aspiring and experienced artists, Hunt for Mint portal provides an opportunity for both filmmakers and artistes to find their place in the world of glamour, modelling and acting.


Free Signup and Registration on the portal to view members.
Ease of navigation, coupled with shortlisting, bookmarking and contacting interesting candidates with the click of a mouse.
A large, diverse database of talented, aspiring and experienced artistes categorized, sorted and organized for easy identification of desired profiles.
Covers a wider scope of artistes such as actors, singers, models, choreographers, dancers, directors, photographers and much more.
The portal allows the users to upload their portfolio including text, pictures, videos and much more to showcase their talent and gather a large fanbase.
Allows casting professionals, searching for budding artistes, to browse through member profiles in the talent directory.

How does it works?

  • Members sign up on the portal as either hiring professionals (aka talent hunters) or artistes to communicate/network with other members of the portal.
  • For Artistes
    • ○ Artistes are required to create a profile providing relevant details.
    • ○ Artistes are to add a profile picture as per image guidelines; alongside portfolio items.
    • ○ Artistes can identify the opportunities or apply for jobs directly or wait for talent hunters to contact them over the portal.
  • For Talent Hunters
    • ○ Hiring Professionals can create a hunter profile on the portal providing necessary details.
    • ○ Post jobs or simply navigate through the artistes’ profiles to find interesting profiles and contact them with your requirements.
    • ○ Post jobs with your requirements and communicate with the applicants over the portal.