IT Service Management is the most important aspect of every organization and we at Fortune Minds help you through that journey. At fortuneminds, we understand the service management journey and in the field of helping hundreds of organizations with service now. Our unique three-tier approach Identify, Improve and Transform, We encourage our customers in every step they take and we help them to realize the benefits of Service Now.



Whether your goal is to understand the potential ServiceNow could offer, build out your implementation strategy or analyze the gaps in your current ServiceNow deployment, Fortune Minds can help at every stage. We are experts at effectively turning strategy into action and working with us will ensure you realize the true benefits of the ServiceNow platform.

In service now during the identification phase, cloud services and ITSM experts will be working with your team to document and understand the existing process. Based on the as-is state, our team will help in defining the to-be state based on best practices and their alignment with your needs. With the to-be state, we will build the future state blueprint and roadmap to achieve that blueprint. The first part of the roadmap is to fix the existing process and roll out best-in-class its tools if there is a need. This will start showing tangible benefits and cost reduction.



Fortune Minds managed services can help you concentrate on the activities that add value to the organization by freeing up your internal resources. Your IT team is made up of highly talented individuals but sometimes they may be underqualified or overqualified for certain jobs. This is where Fortune Minds can help by offering services from onsite technical support to continual services improvement. Our flexible solutions allow you to outsource as many activities as you like for as long as it suits your business.

After the initial rollout, the next phase is to target customer experience. With Service now, the IT organization working like a well-oiled machine, the focus will be on rolling out better experience to the customers. This will be done using the customer service management framework (this is dependent on the availability with certain tools). This will enhance customer experience and engagement.



ServiceNow has the ability to transform your organization, change the way people work, and redefine your delivery of Service Management. These are the project goals we set for every customer, and working with us is the only way to ensure our customers reach their goals successfully every time. The final phase will be to reduce the overall cost by leveraging your existing cloud infrastructure.

We have expertise in the underlying technologies that power the cloud, in realizing the business opportunities the cloud creates, and in providing the service and delivery models that give you access to the cloud. We have invested considerably in our own expertise and resources for the cloud: it means we are ideally placed to help you define, plan and implement the cloud strategy that will best benefit your business.


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