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Incorporated in June 2012, Fortune Minds Inc. was founded with a team of five software developers who believed in empowering businesses with IT Infrastructure, while utilizing their 15+ years of experience in the industry.


As a complete IT solution providing company working on solutions for complex enterprise systems, Mobile Application Development, Software Services, IT Consulting, Training and Manpower supply; Fortune Minds has never diverted its focus as a ServiceNow consulting Firm. In 2014, Fortune Minds started ServiceNow consulting practice with only 2 developers but has grown into a full-time service provider for a large customer base in the US, with over 25 certified ServiceNow developers.



In today's world, delivering the products at speed is what helps our customerrs stay relevant to their industry verticals.


Agile thought process helps us in defining workflows which re simplify and produce the outcomes that result in growth.


Any technology partnership should deliver value to the organisations and Fortune Minds is always focussed on delivering value.

Ravi Polishetty
Co-Founder, ServiceNow Architect & Advisor
Louis Ramirez
President, Sales
Ramesh Pareka
Director, Strategy & Operations
Rohith Reddy Gopu
Director, Client Services & Growth

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