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We delve into the problem and address the challenges faced by individuals and corporations across the globe. By employing advanced technology and intense R&D, we develop simple solutions that tackle complex concerns. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and harnessing the power of data, our services and solutions enable you to advance your vision and achieve your strategic goals

  • Data-driven approach
  • Research and development
  • Design and innovation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Research and development

EZ Recruit Solutions

EZ Recruit Solutions is a ServiceNow Certified App that makes Recruitments Easy and Accessible.

EZ Recruit Solutions is a Human Resource Management (HRM) portal that facilitates the HR department of any business to maintain a database of prospective employees, skilled candidates and inactive resources.

The recruitment platform provides an interface for HR professionals to upload, save, edit and delete candidate data and sort and filter candidates based on parameters such as skill, location, experience and much more.


Hunt4mint is the biggest platform for all the talented people such as actors, models, singers, fashion photographers and other industry professionals where you get a break into the competitive glamour world.


A Cloud-Based End-To-End Construction Management Software For General Contractors, Owners, Investors, Partners, Inspectors, Lenders, Sub Contractors

With a vision to make construction management simple, efficient, effective and transparent, we developed a tool - Super Construct. It is an ideal tool for General Contractors, Owners, Investors, Partners, Inspectors, Lenders and Sub-Contractors to manage construction management activities.

It provides real-time data and statuses and works as a centralized repository to store all construction-related files. Super Construct also allows site managers to update daily logs, videos and photos and raise pay applications easily.