What do we offer?

With more than four decades of Combined experience on ServiceNow, Fortune Minds is one of the most sought after ServiceNow Technology Partner in the ecosystem. We offer a wide range of Advisory / Consulting & Implementation services on the NowPlatform.


The best of the ServiceNow Geeks at Fortune Minds will work on the Core Architecture of your Applications and set the right foundation for delivering stability and consistency on the ServiceNow Platform.


Our experience at solving complex problems and automating large workflows combined with the intelligent Automation Engine of the NowPlatform will deliver results that keep you ahead of your competitors.


Deeper Insights into your data can help you predict and take smarter decisions and our Predictive Analytics team can work closely with you to help you in predicting what matters the most.


Our expertise in handling multiple verticals and a strong team with Functional Expertise can help you integrate and plug the right services / modules to streamline and build workflows which are more efficient and more productive.

Experience that works

One of the major challenges any industry faces today is technology adaption and getting the user experience right is the most critical aspect for high adoption rates. Our experience engineering team dives deep into your process to understand the grassroot challenges and helps you craft user experiences that add value.

Mobile-First Approach

Delivering Mobile-First Applications has been the core at FortuneMinds and we run workshops & sessions with our clients to help them define what needs to go onto the mobile. When it comes to delivering a Mobile First Strategy - We can give you the break you need to get your operations right.

Custom Applications

A strong expertise in developing multiple applications on the NowPlatform will be a key asset we bring to the table.

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